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Advance Longevity Team
Dr. Anthony Sparks
Anthony Sparks, MD
the radiologist behind Advanced Longevity

Dr. Sparks trained at the world renowned Texas Medical Center as a radiology resident at Baylor College of Medicine and underwent advanced radiology training as an interventional radiology fellow at Georgetown University.

Dr. Sparks has extensive experience interpreting radiology exams having read tens of thousands of exams over the last decade.

In his free time, Dr. Sparks can often be found exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two boys who are avid football players. He’s also an avid fan of live music and can often be found at local concerts and festivals.

Dr. Ramy Mankarious
Dr. Ramy Mankarious

Dr. Ramy Mankarious is a highly skilled physician who received his medical degree from the University of Texas McGovern Medical School at Houston. He then completed his residency in Anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 1998, he joined Greater Houston Anesthesiology where he dedicated his career to improving patient outcomes. With an interest in business and management, Dr. Mankarious spent a great deal of time leading the business operations of Greater Houston Anesthesiology including negotiating managed care contracts and overseeing strategic personnel growth. Working alongside his partners, their anesthesia group grew nationwide and remains one of the largest groups to date.

In addition to his work in anesthesiology, Dr. Mankarious has a keen interest in longevity, health, and weight management. He believes that taking care of one’s body is essential to living a long and fulfilling life. He is dedicated to helping his patients in the operating room as well as in life and committed to working with like minded providers to achieve optimal health through personalized and evidence-based approaches.

Dr. Ramy Mankarious lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and three daughters.

Jamie Burroughs
Jamie Burroughs

Jamie Burroughs APRN C-NP, DC is originally from Canada where he attended Memorial University of Newfoundland for his undergraduate degree in cell microbiology.

After graduating with honors, he went on to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, cum laude, in 2000. Later, he earned a Bachelor’s of Nursing from Hardin Simmons University, which was then succeeded by a Masters of Nursing in family practice from Samford University. He also holds certificates in intravenous pharmaceutical nutrition and homeopathic medicines as well as integrative functional medicine.

He also has extensive experience in hormone replacement, orthopedic trauma, and acute and chronic pain management.

His passion in healthcare has always been focused on helping patients achieve their best self. In his spare time, Jamie enjoys playing hockey, skiing and DIY restorations. He’s married to a dietitian, and is helping raise two teenage daughters.

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